Examples of Liability Cases


Diving Accident

A 33 year old man in Virginia has dove off the deck next to his above-ground pool dozens of times. One time, however, he hit the bottom and broke his neck, becoming paralyzed from the neck down. Even though the pool was only four feet deep, he had thought he could safely perform shallow dives. A jury found the pool maker negligent in failing to adequately warn the victim and others that they could be hurt diving into their pool. In fact, the pool maker had even depicted people diving into the above-ground pools in their advertising.

Because of the lawsuit, and the damages awarded to the injured party, this pool manufacturer and others have started to adequately warn people about the dangers of diving into above-ground pools.
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All Terrain Vehicle Accident

An eighteen your old man was driving through a Kentucky woods in his all-terrain vehicle (ATV). He was later discovered thrown 15 feet from the overturned vehicle. The accident left the young man with a severed spinal cord and made him a quadraplegic.

He sued the manufacturer, because the vehicle was unsafe for operating on all types of ground, and did not provide proper safety warnings. He also argued that the vehicle was difficult to handle and hazardous to operate. The paralyzed man collected a large sum of money in damages and since then the manufacturer of the ATV has installed automatic warning signals on the dashboard and issued a notice on safe uses of the vehicle. [Return to Liablity Page]


Skiing Accident

At a northern New England ski resort, a woman athlete was practicing for Olympic tryouts. She descended a hill, and headed down the eastern face of the mountain. Seconds later the woman went over a 25 foot vertical jump that was not properly marked. She later died from a spinal cord injury.

Because there were no warning signs at the top of the ski run or immediately before the jump, the ski resort owners were found partially responsible. Now signs have been placed in visible areas to prevent similar accidents from happening.[Return to Liablity Page]

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