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Selecting An Attorney

You may wish to talk to one or several lawyers before you decide on one to represent your case. When choosing an attorney, ask the following questions:

  • Will the attorney personally handle your case? Or will it be turned over to a less experienced member of the firm?

  • How much experience has the attorney had in cases similar to yours? Someone who handles general product liability and personal injury cases may lack a specialized knowledge of spinal cord injuries.

  • How successful has the attorney been with cases similar to yours? Look for a good win record, and a lawyer that has the knowledge, resources and commitment to put forth the best effort on your case.

  • Can your attorney supply names and phone numbers of previous clients who can testify to his ability as an attorney?

  • Can the attorney provide experts to evaluate and support your case in court?

Ron Gilbert is an attorney that specializes in spinal cord injury cases, having helped victims in 35 states. Because many of his clients cannot easily travel, Ron Gilbert visits each personally, providing support, information and referrals to help his clients in all aspects of their lives. If you have questions regarding your legal options or the selection of an attorney, Ron Gilbert will provide you with free professional counsel based on his nearly 25 years of experience with these types of cases. He can be reached toll free at 1-810-513-3137 or by email at

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